About us

Since 2006, GZT Kimya, who aims at the "highest standarts in health", has been producing serum kits and medical components in technical collaboration with the Italian company BONINI S.R.L.. .

With a production capacity of over 100 million components per year and its wide range of products, GZT Kimya who is located in the Free Trade Area in Istanbul Tuzla, provides high quality components for both national and international suppliers in a fast and cost effective manner.

In addition to GZT Kimya's modern facilities and specialized team, it also has the advantage of operating from a Free Trade Zone which enables stock-keeping, and aims at removing stocking costs, which in turn brings significant benefits to its customers. GZT Kimya, who is the first producer of many products in Turkey, has (ISO 9001:2008) and (ISO 13485 – 2003) certificates in Quality Management Systems. Furthermore, with its CE certified transfusion, infusion and scalp vein sets GZT Kimya provides a wide ranging and efficient service of high quality supplies to all producers of serum sets and medical equipment both nationally and internationally.

Dilhan Ticaret, which was founded in 2000 and is operating under the same roof, is now a logistic company which carries out the marketing and distribution of GZT products both in domestic and foreign markets.

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